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SciSafe Inc.

SciSafe Inc.

About Us

SciSafe offers dedicated Pharmaceutical and Biological Specimen Storage in its fully cGMP compliant state of the art facilities all ISO 9001/ISO 20387, FDA registered & inspected since 2011 (CDER & CBER), with 86+ (SOP’s) all modeled after FDA (21 CFR parts 210 & 211) as well as GDP and CAP-BAP certification in US (as of 2023).
We store at temperatures between -196° to +40°C. The types of samples we store include: Reagent storage & fulfillment, cell line, compound libraries & mirror banking, pre-clinical research & trials, clinical trial storage with patient efficacy testing, DNA storage & fulfillment, Vaccines, CAR-T & immunotherapy, bulk materials, drug substance, biological ingredients and -50°C to +30°C cGMP palletized storage.
Sample Transport – Scheduled sample pick-up and delivery to the bench is available with our storage service. This may depend on your location. Please ask as generally it is something easy for us to handle.
Freezer Transport – Wherever you are in the country, we can move your freezers to any of our 7 US locations including 1 in UT. We will transport -80°C to -20°C in our fleet of refrigerated and ultra-low temperature (ULT) truck trailers. This fleet provides an ideal transportation solution for any movement of biologic products requiring ULT storage without the added need for dry ice. Running on generator power with two cooling systems, the fleet can also carry up to eight (8) plugged in, powered, and running upright ULT freezers at a time, expanding supported temperatures to as low as -86°C with monitoring equipment to track location and traile