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Monovo Technologies


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About Us

''Monovo is a healthcare technology company focused on advancing health equity. We combine software tools, vital sign gathering devices, data analytics, digital care programming, and a virtual clinical backend team. Our ecosystem enables physicians to provide preventative and predictive virtual care to any patient.

We believe that leveraging a comprehensive solution to advance accessibility, affordability, and literacy for the most complex patient demographics will enable health systems, payers, providers, and said patients to become more efficient and effective in how they deliver and use healthcare. Virtual care done right has the ability to simplify healthcare, reduce the burden on providers, save time and money, increase convenience, and most importantly improve patient health outcomes.

Over the past 18 months, we have served over 1000 patients, collected and analyzed over 7M physiological data points, assisted our providers in the early detection of over 80 adverse health events, and received assistance credit in 15 life saving interventions.