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Epitel is revolutionizing the way we monitor brain health with Epilog, our hardware-enabled data analytics platform that takes medical-grade EEG monitoring out of the hospital and into the home for the first time. Epilog provides long-term brain health monitoring where you are, when you need it. Epilepsy is our initial focus because seizures rarely happen in the hospital; they happen where you are. Epilog is easy to use – this discreet non-invasive wearable is worn on the scalp below the hairline and behind the ear while at home, while you are asleep, or wherever you go. EEG is sent to your smartphone and relayed to the cloud. It then uses powerful machine learning algorithms to provide personalized analytics and seizure reports built on the largest and fastest-growing proprietary EEG database. The Epilog app gives you a digital seizure report, real-time alerts, and an hourly seizure forecast. Epilog gives people living with epilepsy their lives back by providing certainty.