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“BYU has attracted many world class faculty in chemistry, engineering and life sciences. Our office is receiving an average of 80 to 100 new inventions every year. Many of those inventions are biomed/biotech related. Successful examples from our past licensees include a revolutionary X-ray window to bring higher resolution to X-rays; a world class hearing aid technology and a cure for hairy cell leukemia. Current breakthroughs include diagnostics for Alzheimer’s Disease before any signs of dementia; a developing therapy that will protect you from Alzheimer’s Disease; a compliant replacement disc for spinal implant; a new therapy to cause the immune system to attack cancers and a new family of potent anti-microbial compounds. We make licensing a technology easy. We use a one page term sheet and follow it with a draft agreement for your review. Please go to our website at techtransfer.byu.edu to get full details on available technologies. “