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American Laboratory Trading

American Laboratory Trading

About Us

American Laboratory Trading (ALT) is the preferred supplier of surplus strategy services and secondary lab equipment for BIO and State Association members. Endorsed by 40 states in the BIO Business Solutions® program, members save on average 39% with ALT.

Founded in 1999, we are the largest supplier of high-quality refurbished lab equipment in North America. ALT is a full-service, customer-focused company that specializes in Recovery, Refurbish, and Resale services of secondary lab equipment within the life sciences industry. Our asset recovery strategies go beyond a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. Whether you’re looking to monetize one instrument, liquidate an entire lab or require ongoing asset recovery services, we can help. Our surplus services enable organizations to run their labs more efficiently by turning idle equipment into working capital, freeing up valuable lab space, eliminating warehouse and overflow space, mitigating risk through legal and environmental compliance, improving financial reporting accuracy, and supporting your biopharma partners by delivering quality, working equipment back to the industry.

Premium Refurbished Equipment
• All items tested to manufacturer spec
• More than 6,000 items in stock
• Up to 1-year warranty
• Price match guarantee
• 50% - 80% off retail prices

Asset Management Solutions
• Outright purchase, auction, or consignment
• Asset assessment and valuation
• Ongoing surplus removal or one-time liquidation
• Turnkey move management including decommissioning, packing and shipping, and waste management