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Legislative Policy (Call-in 10:00)

Legislative Policy
Bob Wynalek
DiscGenics, Chief Operating & Commercialization Officer
John Knorpp
Merit Medical Systems, Inc., Chief Regulatory Affairs Officer
John Knorpp is Chief Regulatory Affairs Officer at Merit Medical Systems. In this role, he directs all global Regulatory and Medical Affairs activi...
Reed Murdoch
Johnson & Johnson, Health Policy and Advocacy Director
Bradford Brown
ATL Technology, Executive Chair
Rob Etherington
Clene Nanomedicine, Inc., CEO and President
Rob Etherington has held a variety of roles in 20+ years in the pharmaceutical industry. Rob is former senior VP, commercial operations at Actelion...
John Langell
University of Utah
John Langell, MD, PhD, MPH completed his surgical training at Stanford University Medical Center and completed advanced training in Space and Aeros...
Travis Sessions
Biomerics, CEO
Travis Sessions is the Founder, President & CEO of Biomerics. With over 19 years experience in business management, Mr. Sessions has successfully b...
Kimberly Linthicum
Myriad Genetics, Inc., Vice President of Government Affairs
Kim has years of health care policy experience directly in government as well as within the life science industry. She joined Myriad in 2011 to bui...
Tom Boyer
Novo Nordisk, Director, Government Relations
Mike Alder
BYU Technology Transfer Office, Director, Technology Transfer
Christopher Gibson
Recursion Pharmaceuticals, Co-founder & CEO
Clark Turner
Turner Innovations
Leah Kegler
Edwards Lifesciences LLC, Senior Director, Gov't Affairs
Alec Ford
Myriad Genetics, Inc.
Ken Eliasen
Edwards Lifesciences LLC, VP Utah Plant Operations
Gerald Simmons
iVeena Delivery Systems Inc.
Tara Saucedo
Stryker, Director, Materials
Jim Ogilvie
Dynatronics Corporation, VP of Corp Dev
Jim Ogilvie currently serves as VP of Corporate Development.
Randy Block
Intermountain Healthcare / Precision Genomics
Barbara Boner
Novartis, Director of State Government Affairs
Gustavo Perez-Fernandez
GE Healthcare Surgery, CEO & President
Erin Barry
Merit Medical Systems, Inc.
Kent Savage
PhotoPharmics, CEO
Ted McAleer
Park City Angels, Managing Director
Eran Rosines
Rosivo LLC, President
Betty Iverson
Johnson & Johnson, Director of State Government Affairs
Rai Chowdhary
The KPI System, Founder and CEO
Jennifer Lange
GE Healthcare Surgery
Jessica Johnston
Bard Access Systems
Page Kranbuhl
Heidi Walker
Salt Lake Chamber, Chief Operating Officer
Dan Wittenberg
Snell & Wilmer, LLP, Partner
Elisabeth McOmber
Snell & Wilmer, LLP, Associate
Sean Runnels
Through the Cords, LLC, CEO
Myles Greenberg
Alucent Biomedical, Inc., President & CEO
Denise Bell
Keith Marmer
PIVOT Center (Partners for Innovation, Ventures, Outreach & Technology), Chief Innovation & Economic Engagement Officer
Prior to his current role, Keith served as the U’s associate vice president for technology & venture commercialization and corporate partners. Sinc...
Sunny Sanyal
Varex Imaging Corporation, Chief Executive Officer
Tracey Meeks
Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Sr. Director, Patient Advocacy
Brian O'Connor
AdvaMed, VP Alliance Development, State & External Affairs
Jay Muse
Med Venture Holdings
Andy Robertson
IONIQ Sciences, Inc., VP Biz Dev
Christopher Bleak
RRJ Consulting
Kelvyn Cullimore
BioUtah, President & CEO
Randy Rasmussen, PhD
RPR Consulting, President & CEO
Brad Bath, PhD
Teva Pharmaceuticals, Director, Regulatory Affairs
Kai Larson
Signpath Pharma, President
Heather Rouhana
Edwards Lifesciences LLC
Donald Bray
SINTX Technologies, Inc., VP Business Development
Tim Nieman
ZIEN Medical Technologies, Inc, CEO
Jacey Skinner
Ballard Spahr, Attorney
Linda Cabrales
GoUtah/ GOEO
Ken Schmidt
OPTIM Associates, Inc, President
OPTIM Associates—a medical device consulting company—provides effective and efficient solutions with a focus on scalability, sustainability and com...
Linda Larkin
OPTIM Associates, Inc, Director, Business Development
OPTIM Associates—a medical device consulting company—provides effective and efficient solutions with a focus on scalability, sustainability and com...
Kapil Sharma
Second Heart Assist Inc., Director of Bioengineering & Startup Launches
Bryce McEuen
ELITechGroup, Vice President, Biomedical Systems
Mike Carey
PROTECS, Director, Utah Office and Intermountain/West Coast Operations
Michael Paredes
Genentech, Director, State & Local Government Affairs
Ted Haack
LatticePoint Consulting, Vice President
Ted Haack joined LatticePoint in July 2016 and provides advisory services to early-stage companies, including pharma, biotech and the cell and gene...
Meet Nagar
Canyon Labs, Head of Marketing
Meet has nearly 15 years of experience in various roles related to testing and marketing consumer packaged goods, including dietary supplements, ...